ENCO Debuts Studio in a Cloud Strategy at 2019 NAB Show

March 27, 2019

ENCO’s second-generation WebDAD platform, introduced at IBC, enables browser-based native remote control of ENCO DAD automation systems and production workflows.

Southfield, MI, March 27, 2019 – Following the European debut of ENCO’s second-generation WebDAD platform at IBC in September, ENCOwill showcase it as a key component of the company’s “Studio in a Cloud” strategy at the 2019 NAB Show. Part of ENCO’s enCloud family of solutions, the enhanced WebDAD will be positioned as its central radio demonstration at the show, highlighting how broadcasters can now take direct control of studio operations from any remote location with a web connection.

WebDAD empowers cloud-based operation through an updated, HTML5-enabled user interface. Users have the freedom of a fully-virtualized platform to remotely access and control their studio-based ENCO DAD radio automation systems – a benefit made all the more powerful with the addition of ENCO’s Presenter On-Air interface. This interface further optimizes ENCO’s modular, touchscreen design for customizing production workflows and providing instant access to media libraries, playlists and more.

“WebDAD has evolved to support a true ‘Studio in the Cloud’ operation that removes the limitation of maintaining an on-premises physical workstation,” said Ken Frommert, president, ENCO. “In addition to reducing operational costs at the station, WebDAD customers have broad control and playout capabilities across on-air presentation, playlist manipulation, voice tracking, and other workflow tasks. With the powerful ENCO Presenter On-Air interface, WebDAD is the most powerful and comprehensive browser-based interface on the market.”

Frommert adds that WebDAD also helps stations work more freely with on-air and production talent around the world by making it easy to bring in part-time, contract, and remote staff to access the playout system from anywhere there is an internet connection.

ENCO will demonstrate the entire Studio in a Cloud workflow, including other radio solutions, at the 2019 NAB Show from April 8-11 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. ENCO exhibits at Booth N2524.

About ENCO

Founded in 1983, ENCO pioneered the use of computer-based, digital audio and program automation for radio station and TV studios. The company has since evolved its product line to cross all aspects of today’s automated broadcast and production workflows, including closed-captioning, visual radio, audio compliance, instant media playout, remote contribution, and cloud-based web streaming. Its two flagship systems, DAD and MOM, bring the industry’s best reliability, cost-efficiency and intuitive operation to automated radio and TV operations worldwide. ENCO is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan USA and retains a global distribution network, plus a growing network of partnerships with complementary industry vendors. For more information, please visit: www.enco.com.

StreamGuys Enhancing Podcast Analytics and Monetization with RAD Support and More

March 27, 2019

Enhancements to comprehensive podcasting suite empower publishers with richer listening data and expanded tools to entice and retain sponsors

BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA, March 26, 2019 – SaaS-based podcast and streaming solutions innovator StreamGuys today announced upcoming support for Remote Audio Data (RAD) technology across its comprehensive suite of podcast management, monetization and delivery solutions. The integration of the new podcast analytics specification combines with the company’s powerful dynamic advertising ecosystem and expanded publishing efficiencies to bolster producers’ monetization efforts and enhance their reporting to advertisers and sponsors. StreamGuys will discuss the new advances at the 2019 NAB Show, where the company will co-exhibit with partner ENCO in booth N2524.

“From podcasters to broadcasters repurposing their content, producers are increasingly using data to drive their business decisions,” said Jason Osburn, executive vice president, StreamGuys. “Publishers are asking for deeper analytics to help evaluate listeners’ engagement with their content, and as information they can use to sell advertising and sponsorship. Adding RAD support to our end-to-end podcast platform provides rich insights that they can use in their monetization efforts, and for live broadcasters, our efficient new aircheck creation workflow lets them quickly and easily supplement their reports to advertisers with recorded validation clips.”

Developed by NPR, RAD is a new podcast analytics technology designed to provide publishers and producers with richer listener metricswhile respecting user privacy. While download statistics can provide information such as audience size and platform preferences, they offer no detail about how much of the podcast the consumer actually listened to. Individual platforms and apps may provide listening metrics in proprietary formats, but their lack of standardization and limited scope paint an incomplete picture requiring significant manual analysis.

Measuring podcast listening across a wide range of participating clients and platforms, RAD complements download statistics by aggregating deep, event-driven data to publishers’ analytics systems. Podcast publishers mark checkpoints within their audio files at periodic intervals or at specific content-related events – such as sponsorship or advertising spots – and specify a URL to which metricsshould be delivered. When listeners reach those checkpoints, their RAD-enabled player or app will send anonymized data to that URL. The publisher can then analyze the data to gain new engagement insights such as which sections of the podcasts consumers are listening to, and whether ads are being heard.

StreamGuys will support RAD at each stage of podcast creation, distribution and consumption chain. Publishers will be able to insert RAD tags manually or at specified intervals using the intuitive, graphical waveform editor in the company’s SGrecast podcast management solution. StreamGuys’ managed, embeddable SGplayer will be enhanced to detect RAD tags and send RAD data to the company’s SGreports logging and analytics service, as well as to third-party destinations if desired. The integration of RAD information adds a powerful new data dimension to SGreports, augmenting its existing support for IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines Version 2.0 (“IAB 2.0”).

Advanced Advertising Insights and Easy Airchecks

By combining SGreports’ RAD listener analytics with dynamic ad insertion data, podcast publishers can share enhanced reporting with sponsors and advertisers, including whether their spots were actually heard. The new support is yet another way that StreamGuys is helping podcasters maximize their monetization initiatives. Unlike approaches that insert ads into downloadable media when the podcasts are initially published, StreamGuys’ server-side advertising tools can dynamically insert ads into the on-demand files at the time the content is requested. This keeps spots timely even for ‘long-tail’ content while enabling the use of targeting criteria such as geo-location to ensure relevance.

While RAD support helps both pure-play podcast producers and content-repurposing broadcasters deliver richer data to their advertisers orunderwriters, SGrecast’s efficient aircheck publishing workflow is valuable for live, over-the-air broadcasters simulcasting their signals online. Leveraging SGrecast’s AudioLoggers feature to record streams 24/7, users can search the recordings by timestamp or metadata to find specific content such as a sponsor message. Stations can then quickly export an aircheck clip of that content through SGrecast’s waveform editor, and send it to their clients as validation of how their spots sounded.

StreamGuys plans to begin rolling out RAD support across its solutions in late Q2. Efficient aircheck publishing with SGrecast is available immediately.

About StreamGuys, Inc.

In business since 2000, StreamGuys is an industry-leading service provider of live and on-demand streaming, podcasting delivery, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) toolsets for enterprise-level broadcast media organizations. The company brings together the industry’s best price-to-performance ratio, a robust and reliable network, and an infinitely scalable cloud-based platform for clients of any size to process, deliver, monetize and playout professional streaming content. StreamGuys supports many of the world’s largest Podcasts, global TV and radio broadcasters, video and audio production companies, houses of worship, retail and hospitality businesses, government organizations, medical and healthcare services, and live venues for sports and entertainment. The company excels in developing and deploying technologies for business growth and revenue generation, including dynamic ad insertion, Alexa skills, mobile streaming and detailed business and data analytics.

Barix Launching SIP-Capable, Opus-Based Codec for Broadcast Audio Transport at 2019 NAB Show

March 27, 2019

Ideal for remote contribution links, new MA400 SIP Opus Codec combines high-quality, open audio format with SIP negotiation in a cost-effective and compact solution

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, March 25, 2019 — Continuing to expand its extensive array of robust Audio over IP transport solutions, Barix will introduce its MA400 SIP Opus Codec next month at the 2019 NAB Show. Combining the dynamic flexibility and ease of SIP-based link establishment with the quality and efficiency of the Opus compression format, the new codec will be demonstrated in booth C1139 at the event, taking place April 6-11 in Las Vegas.

The MA400 encodes and decodes audio signals using the open standard Opus codec, a royalty-free audio compression format known for quality and reliability in interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet. The highly-efficient, low-latency Opus format is also gaining increasing popularity in other audio applications including VoIP, audio conferencing, in-game chat and remote live music performances. The MA400 is Barix’s first encoding and decoding product to incorporate the Opus codec.

The MA400 builds on the Opus codec’s quality, efficiency and low latency with SIP functionality to establish seamless links across SIP-compatible telephone, radio or other communications systems. Ideal for remote contribution applications, the SIP functionality in the MA400 allows the Barix unit to dial another device or phone number andautomatically negotiate a transmission link for audio streaming.

“Advanced broadcasters are moving away from static setups to SIP-based link establishment, particularly for remote contribution back to the studio such as from sporting events,” said Reto Brader, CEO, Barix. “That’s where the MA400 SIP Opus Codec comes in, establishing the connection through dial-up and then encoding and decoding the audio signal. It combines our extensive broadcast expertise with our background in SIP-based telephony products and the bandwidth efficiency of Opus, enabling easy, high-quality audio links to and from the studio. Our Exstreamer family continues to be the solution of choice for static studio-to-transmitter (STL) applications, but for SIP-based remote broadcast links the MA400 SIP Opus Codec is perfect.”

Continuing Barix’s tradition of offering powerful solutions at affordable pricing, the MA400 SIP Opus Codec is also designed to be extremely cost effective. “With similarly-featured, alternative products priced at twice the cost, the MA400 offers an extremely cost-effective deployment,” added Brader.

Built on Barix’s latest-generation, high-performance IPAM 400 audio module, the MA400 SIP Opus Codec features an analog, microphone-level input and line-level output. The new units share the same space-efficient form factor and durable build quality as Barix’s popular Exstreamer 100 product family.

Barix will beging taking orders for the MA400 SIP Opus codec at the NAB Show.

Barix: We Move Audio (www.barix.com)

Barix supplies simple and reliable solutions and components to systems integrators and end users worldwide.  We move high-quality audio across IP networks, adding value to customer solutions for more than a decade with hundreds of thousands of devices installed worldwide.  Background music distribution with dynamic advertising insertion for retail shops, bars and hotels; public address solutions for schools and public spaces; and intercom and entry systems for facility surveillance, protection and security are among the many applications of Barix solutions.  Barix also supports OEM projects for a number of Global 500 listed companies serving many industries worldwide.


Hitachi Kokusai Unveils SK-HD1800 Studio and EFP Camera with Advanced CMOS Technology and Remotely-Controlled Filter Wheel

March 27, 2019

New, cost-effective 1080p HDR camera delivers superior quality and combines with versatile CCU to support key industry transitions

Woodbury, NY, March 21, 2019Hitachi Kokusai Electric America Ltd. (Hitachi Kokusai) today announced the SK-HD1800 HDTV studio and field production camera, the latest model in its highly-acclaimed broadcast camera line. Combining the advanced CMOS imaging technology first implemented in Hitachi Kokusai’s award-winning Z-HD5500 camera with a motorized, four-position filter wheel for remote operation, the new SK-HD1800 delivers spectacular image quality for mobile and event-based productions even in venues with challenging LED lighting and displays.

The new camera is available immediately, and will make its exhibition debut in the Hitachi Kokusai booth (C4409) at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 8 to 11.

The SK-HD1800’s global shutter, progressive-scan, CMOS imagers adapt easily to a wide range of LED lighting conditions, enabling flawless, high-performance video capture in TV studios, houses of worship, sporting arenas, concert venues and other facilities where LED lights or large LED displays are used. The advanced 1080p sensors combine with Hitachi Kokusai’s renowned digital signal processing and low-noise circuit technology to deliver pristine visual quality with superior sensitivity, excellent color fidelity and a remarkable 62dB signal-to-noise ratio.

“The use of LED lighting and displays in live production environments continues to expand rapidly, and our Z-HD5500 camera has proven extremely popular for its ability to capture high-quality, rock-solid video in these often-challenging settings,” said John J. Humphrey, Vice President of Business Development, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America Ltd. “At the same time, features like remotely-operated, motorized filter wheel support have made our SK series of cameras a preferred choice for remote and mobile productions. The new SK-HD1800 offers customers the best of both worlds, and combines with the CU-HD1300 family of camera control units (CCUs) to flexibly support evolving industry trends including High Dynamic Range (HDR), 4K and IP-based workflows.”

Hitachi Kokusai has been at the forefront of implementing, promoting and educating professionals about HDR acquisition, and the SK-HD1800 continues this leadership. The new camera supports HDR specificationsincluding HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) and HPQ, which is compatible with the HDR10 open standard for consumer TVs.

Pairing the SK-HD1800 with a CCU from Hitachi Kokusai’s CU-HD1300 series forms an exceptionally flexible camera system supporting a wide range of production infrastructures and output requirements. The new camera supports both SMPTE fiber and digital triax connectivity, and can be combined with a dedicated fiber or triaxCCU or with the dual-cable CU-HD1300FT for maximum deployment flexibility.

Efficiently bridging HDTV and Ultra HD production workflows, an optional 4K output module for the CU-HD1300 transforms natively-acquired 1080p video from the SK-HD1800 to 4K/UHD resolution and outputs the result over single-link 12Gbps SDI or quad-link 3G-SDI connectivity. Meanwhile, a SMPTE ST 2110 option for the CU-HD1300 enables seamless integration of the SK-HD1800 camera system into next-generation IP-based production workflows, supporting broadcasters’ transition from traditional baseband video infrastructures to more flexible media networks.

Both the 4K output and SMPTE ST 2110 transport options fully support the HDR capabilities of the SK-HD1800. Further enhancing HDR production, a firmware option for the CU-HD1300 enables users to acquire optimized HDR and standard dynamic range (SDR) video simultaneously with a single camera by providing separate video shading adjustments for HDR and SDR outputs. This provides both creative and financial benefits compared to using separate cameras, enabling shot consistency while lowering equipment and operational costs.

About Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a company that manufactures broadcasting systems, security and surveillance systems, wireless communications and information systems. Fiscal 2017(ended March 31, 2018) sales totaled 171,791 million Yen. For more information on Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc., please visit the company’s website at http://www.hitachi-kokusai.co.jp/global/en/index.html.

Dielectric Wins Large TV and Radio Antenna Deals in the Philippines

March 27, 2019

Regional partner 90 Degrees North books orders for CNN Philippines, Far East Broadcasting Company and state-run Philippine Broadcasting Service

RAYMOND, Maine, March 21, 2019 — Dielectric, the leading manufacturer of broadcast antennas and RF systems for TV and radio, today reports that Philippines partner 90 Degrees North has secured several UHF TV and FMbroadcast antenna deals in the country. The projects include high-power FM antennas for a religious radio station run by Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), low-power FM antennas for state-run Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS), and a TUM panel UHF DTV antenna for CNN Philippines (CNN PH). The latter is owned and operated by Nine Media Corporation in association with Radio Philippines Network (RPN).

For CNN Philippines, Dielectric received a purchase order for a new 30 kW TUM panel UHF DTV antenna that is scheduled to ship in May for an early July installation. Launched in 2015, CNN PH broadcasts 24-hour programming primarily via terrestrial TV towers, supplemented by cable TV, satellite and streaming media services.

According to John Achilles Denna, CEO/COO of 90 Degrees North, Inc., CNN PH is taking proactive steps to transition from its analog VHF operation to the ISDB-T DTV broadcast standard. This move initially only affects their Mega Manila operation’s move to Channel 19, while the rest of its large station group will continue broadcasting in analogfrom terrestrial towers around the nation’s 7,000+ islands.

“The number one driver behind this DTV transition is to deliver a cleaner signal over the air while mitigating poor reception issues,” Denna said. “Going DTV will help them manage their signal quality better and avoid signal interference from neighboring broadcasters, which will increase viewership throughout the Mega Manila market.Dielectric’s unrivaled engineering and antenna reliability will ensure a smooth transition operationally.”

Since the new TUM panel antenna is wideband and suitable for multiplexing channels, Cory Edwards, global sales for Dielectric, explained that this gives CNN PH the flexibility to lease its spare bandwidth to other broadcasters—or to launch new channels of its own—to help defray its operational and upgrade costs. Having multiple transmitters feeding a single antenna also reduces operating costs.

Dielectric will build and ship a total of 15 DCR-T Series FM radio antennas over a six-month period to support the two radio projects. The majority of these antennas will go to PBS—the state-run national radio network operated by the Bureau of Broadcast Services—to replace aging antennas from another vendor that have declined in performance. The DCR-T is designed for low-to-medium power FM radio stations ranging from 1 to 5kW. In addition to broadband capabilities, the DCR-T can be adjusted in the field to operate on specific frequencies, resulting in greater effective radiated power (ERP).

Far East Broadcasting, which operates an FM radio network across the Philippines, has already taken delivery of a circularly polarized DCRM-FE Series FM antenna. This antenna, which is intended for FEBC’s full-power religious station—DZAS-FM serving Mega Manila—includes fine matcher and broadband capabilities. Since the antenna system can be tuned without the need to add fine matchers, the installation saves time and money.

While it replaces an 8-bay half-spaced antenna, the design of this 6-bay antenna affords higher gain from the samefootprint, resulting in greater operational and energy efficiency. Given that it’s being installed on the roof of a building, this Dielectric antenna’s variable bay spacing ensures a significant reduction in downward radiation that could harm those below.

Regional Impact

The three deals are the latest of many procured by 90 Degrees North, Inc., a video and audio production, broadcast equipment supply and systems integration firm based in Manila. In 2018, 90 Degrees North secured a large TV deal including filters, combiners and transmission line with Broadcast Enterprises and Affiliated Media (BEAM), a subsidiary of the Globe Telecom conglomerate.

“The Filipino market poses tremendous growth opportunities for antennas, as TV broadcasters are just beginning their DTV transitions, which is slated for completion by 2023,” said Edwards. “Many Filipino TV broadcasters are also migrating to the UHF band and delivering a DTV signal that boost picture quality and reception across their markets. “

On the radio side, 90 Degrees North last year won a turnkey FM radio project with government broadcaster Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) covering antennas, filters and accessories. The partnership has substantially raised Dielectric visibility and market share throughout the country, with Dielectric doubling FM radio antenna sales in the second half of 2018 compared to the previous six months.

“Many Filipino radio broadcasters are replacing FM antennas that have been damaged by the region’s numerous typhoons,” said Denna. “Our marketing efforts are also timely because many of these broadcasters are also upgrading to IBOC-compliant FM radio antennas to attain greater power output, operational efficiency and flexibility.”

Dielectric will exhibit the TUM panel UHF antenna and the DCR-T FM antenna alongside other broadcast antennas and RF systems at the 2019 NAB Show, taking place from April 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Dielectric exhibits at Booth C2213.

About Dielectric

Based in Raymond, Maine, Dielectric LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group. Dielectric is a leading provider of innovative broadcast products. Now celebrating its 76th year of operation, the company builds and delivers antennas and RF systems optimized for every TV and FM radio broadcast need since 1942. Dielectric is an innovative, customer-centric organization with a long history of engineering excellence in designing and manufacturing high-quality broadcast solutions. As a trust partner of broadcasters worldwide, Dielectric maintains its legacy of advanced, precision RF solutions while building in features that prepare broadcasters for the future. More information can be accessed at www.dielectric.com

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