Qligent Prepares for Educational Panels and Presentations at 2019 NAB Show

April 3, 2019

CTO Ted Korte will present an official NAB paper on Big Data for OTT monitoring and predictive analysis, and contribute as an IABMpanelist; Qligent’s Big Data solution shortlisted for two key industry awards

MELBOURNE, Florida, April 3, 2019 — Qligent will contribute to key educational initiatives at the 2019 NAB Show, taking place next week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Qligent CTO Ted Korte returns as a presenter for this year’s NAB Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEIT), and will also join an IABM panel on the topic of content chain management.

Korte will deliver his paper, Over the Top and Through AI to Big Data’s House We Go, on Tuesday, April 9th from 4:00-to 4:20pm in North Meeting Room N258. The paper will cover a wide variety of topics related to Big Data analysis across the OTT content chain, including how content owners can harness Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to more efficiently aggregate QoS, QoE and viewer behavior datawith predictive analytics to uncover silent suffers, and reverse the trend of viewer churn.

The paper will additionally explore how control of the infrastructure is changing as OTT services proliferate, and how broadcasters and content owners can adjust their strategies and “close the loop” around QoE monitoring and analysis to grow their audience and keep them engaged longer. As Korte will explain, technical issues remain the primary contributor to viewer churn.

“Video service providers that used to manage the end-to-end content chain now often cede control to third parties that license and carry their programming across different platforms and networks,” said Korte. “Media files can be transcoded, uploaded, downloaded, repackaged and forwarded multiple times in these various hand-offs, and passed through CDNs, ISPs and many other IP-based entities. This can adversely impact video quality and network performance. Media companies and content owners must close the loop on the distribution of their branded content both within their operations and wherever third parties relay it throughout the multiplatform world. Without this visibility, they can never truly know the quality of experience of end viewers.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Korte will serve as a panelist for IABM’s BaM Content Chain panel discussion on the topic of Manage. Taking place at 1:30pm in IABM’s TV studio located between North and Central Hall, the panel will explore trends and drivers of change around the management and preparation of audio, video and metadata content in today’s multiplatform world. More information on the BaM Content Chain and the Manage stage can be found at https://www.theiabm.org/iabm-bam-content-chain.

Innovation Recognition

Qligent is also proud to share that its Vision-Analytics platform for Big Data and predictive analysis has been shortlisted for two awards: the IABM BaM Awards® 2019 and the NAB Product of the Year Awards.

Qligent was recognized in the Monetize category of the IABM BaM Awards® 2019. All shortlisted entries are submitted to an independent panel of specialist judges that ultimately choose each category winner. Category winner results and awards will be presented at IABM’s awards party on Tuesday, April 9 at 6pm in Ballroom B of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort. Qligent is one of 40 entrants selected out of 160 IABM BaM Awards® 2019 submissions. A complete list of shortlisted companies can be found at https://www.theiabm.org/news/shortlist-announced-for-iabm-bam-awards-at-nab-show-2019/.

The 2019 NAB Show marks the first year for the NAB Product of the Year Awards. Winners will be announced during an awards reception in Ballroom A of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort on Wednesday, April 10 from 5:30-7pm. General information on the awards can be found at https://www.nabshow.com/news-releases/nab-show-launch-product-year-awards.

ABOUT Qligent

Qligent architects complete monitoring, visualization and delivery analytics solutions for broadcasters, content distributors, ad agencies, regulators and network operators. Based in Melbourne, Florida, Qligent’s software-defined approach provides an open, vendor-agnostic platform to monitor performance, integrity and compliance of multiple signals, streams and systems across enterprises of any size. Its solutions provide the same consistent quality of content and service across multiple delivery platforms simultaneously.

Dielectric to Ship FM Antenna and Dual-Manifold Combiner for Channel Sharing to Peruvian Broadcaster CRP Medios y Entretenimiento

April 3, 2019

 Eight CRP-owned FM channels will share the innovative Dielectric FM antenna and combiner to save space at the overcrowded el Morro Solar tower site, in Lima, Peru

RAYMOND, Maine, April 2, 2019 — Dielectric is preparing to ship a unique DCBR 20-panel FM antenna and dual-manifold combiner to CRP Medios y Entretenimiento, a privately-held commercial radio station group based in Lima, Peru.

Considering that the tower site—el Morro Solar in the Chorrillos district of Lima—is one of the most crowded broadcast antenna farms in the world, CRP chose the Dielectric package for its ability to cost-efficiently combine eight FM stations onto a single antenna system while covering the entire target market.

After carefully evaluating several technical proposals submitted by competing antenna manufacturers, CRP’s Operations Manager Giancarlo Garzon, engineering team; and RF consultant Luis Bordo recommended the purchase of the Dielectric solution to CRP management on the basis of its innovative design, reliability, and price/performance.

“With its total power input of 240kW and dual input array, our antenna system offered CRP the best option for improving their stations’ signal strength, reception, and coverage across the Greater Lima area. In addition to meeting CRP’s expectations about the target coverage pattern, the dual-manifold combiner makes it possible for the company’s eight separate high-power FM channels to share the same antenna,” said Federico d’Avis, Dielectric’s International Sales Manager.

Factors leading to the sale

CRP’s management, engineering team, and third-party consultant were also impressed by the detailed technical presentation given in Lima by Jay Martin, Dielectric’s Vice President of Sales. Martin and d’Avis also invited CRP’s CEO Abraham Zavala to tour Sutro Tower in San Francisco, and to speak with Eric Dausman—the site’s technical operations manager—about the performance of the many Dielectric FM antennas installed at that site.

CRP management was also persuaded by their consultant’s familiarity with several Dielectric-brand antennas that have been in continuous service across Peru for over 20 years. The hilltop site, which is jam-packed with towers, antennas, and transmitter buildings, is a coastal perch overlooking the sea – a location that brings a unique set of operational challenges around performance and longevity.

“Dielectric has antennas that have been installed and fully operational in coastal regions like Florida and the Caribbean for many years,” said d’Avis. “CRP’s engineering team felt confident that the Dielectric antenna and combiner would perform reliably and resist corrosion in the salty sea air and high winds that are prevalent at el Morro Solar.”

An engineering team from CRP visited Dielectric’s Raymond  Maine factory in mid-March to inspect their equipment and witness a factory acceptance test of the new system.

Dielectric is now preparing the RF system—including the antenna, combiner, and filters—for shipping to the Lima site this month. “We’re delighted that CRP has placed their trust and confidence in our efficient, economical antenna and combiner system,” said Martin. “We look forward to building a long, rewarding relationship with CRP and standing behind our technology so that it serves them for years to come.”

About Dielectric

Based in Raymond, Maine, Dielectric LLCis a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group. Dielectric is a leading provider of innovative broadcast products. Now celebrating its 77thyear of operation, the company builds and delivers antennas and RF systems optimized for every TV and FM radio broadcast need since 1942. Dielectric is an innovative, customer-centric organization with a long history of engineering excellence in designing and manufacturing high-quality broadcast solutions. As a trust partner of broadcasters worldwide, Dielectric maintains its legacy of advanced, precision RF solutions while building in features that prepare broadcasters for the future. More information can be accessed at www.dielectric.com

Renewed Vision Updates Flagship Live Production Software for 2019 NAB Show

April 3, 2019

Global debut of PVP 3.3 media server, new innovations for ProPresenter Scoreboard softwareanchor live booth demonstrations 

Alpharetta, GA, April 2, 2019Renewed Vision comes to the 2019 NAB Show next week with new live production innovations for two of its flagship applications, PVP and ProPresenter Scoreboard, serving a broad global customer base across the broadcast, sports and commercial AV markets. Renewed Vision will demonstrate both systems at its new South Lower Hall booth location (SL7427).

Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter Scoreboard software driving content and scoring data on a display for a University of Kentucky Wildcats women’s basketball game

Renewed Vision continues to enhance is powerful PVP3 multi-screen media server, video processor and screen control solution for live production environments with the release of PVP 3.3. Available for download in early April at the company’s website, the PVP 3.3 release now supports:

  • “Key and fill” capability for SDI outputs
  • Video input crosspoints
  • Per-layer content masking
  • Custom content cropping

Video input crosspoint capability is of particular interest in dynamic live production environments by allowing users to reference an input slot on cues. “With this important update, our customers can quickly make any changes to an input slot, with automatic updates to cues that reference the input action,” said Brad Weston, president, Renewed Vision. “We are also excited about our per-layer content masking, which allows our customers to apply dynamic alpha effects to video by binding two layers together.”

Weston adds that users will also now be able to review entire outputs on external displays via expanded preview capabilities. The PVP 3.3 release retains all enhancements in the previous 3.2 software, including powerful synchronization, control and management functions, along with increases in I/O signal density, simultaneous 4K/1080p playback from the same workstation, and NDI support for IP-networked environments.

First introduced in 2016, ProPresenter Scoreboard is a flexible multi-sport score presentation software platform used widely in high school, college and professional sports, as well as youth league organizations. Building on the powerful video, graphics and text playout engine of the company’s renowned ProPresenter live presentation platform, ProPresenter Scoreboard combines Renewed Vision’s hallmarks of ease of use, affordability and visually rich outputs with robust features and tailored user interfaces purpose-built for driving advertising-enriched, video-based LED scoreboards. Multiple, independently-controlled areas of the screen integrate scores, live video feeds, pre-recorded video, targeted advertisements, player profiles, dynamic statistics, externally-sourced data and more into immersive visual productions that enrich storytelling, engage fans, and drive revenue.

Renewed Vision will unveil the following new ProPresenter Scoreboard innovations at NAB:

  • Custom scoring logic, clocks and timers to create scoreboards for user-defined sports
  • Display multiple matches on the same output
  • Live StatCrew and MLB data support
  • User interface enhancements to accelerate live production workflows

Weston notes that the ability to show multiple matches or events on the same output will be of particular interest in tournament environments.

“Scoreboard can now support three or more wrestling matches on the same scoreboard, for example, all of which can be controlled independently over the same output through a browser-based, remote control system,” he said. “It’s just one way we are continue to make life easier for our customers, and will allow them to show more content than before without complicating the workflow.”

PVP 3.3 and the enhanced ProPresenter Scoreboard are available immediately. For more information, please visit the corresponding product pages at www.renewedvision.com.

About Renewed Vision

Founded in 2000, Renewed Vision’s mission is to offer reliable, purpose-built production software that enables organizations—spanning from churches to corporations—to create dynamic media experiences that enhance worship services, meetings and other special events.For more information on our product lines, including ProPresenter, ProVideoPlayer and ProVideoServer, please visit our website at www.renewedvision.com.

Qligent to Showcase Comprehensive, Virtualized VOD Analysis from “File to Last Mile” at 2019 NAB Show

April 1, 2019

New Vision-VOD goes beyond checking file quality for Video-on-Demand (VOD) services to provide valuable analytics evaluating the viewers’ Quality of Experience

MELBOURNE, Florida, February 11, 2019 — While many video providers offer solutions for file-based quality control (QC), only one—media delivery quality assurance innovator Qligent —enables comprehensive, virtualized assessment and verification of file-based content throughout the Video on Demand (VOD) experience, all the way out to the last mile. This revolutionary new solution, Vision-VOD, will make its North American debut in booth N4215 at the 2019 NAB Show, taking place April 8 to 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

“What makes Vision-VOD unique in the marketplace is that providers can not only ensure the quality of their VOD files, they also gain valuable feedback and insight into bigger questions like whether viewers are able to access and consume the content with its intended quality and integrity,” said Ted Korte, CTO of Qligent.

Designed for flexibility and scalability, Vision-VOD allows users to determine the scope of the testing they want to perform, which specific VOD parameters they want to evaluate, and at what point in the chain they wish to monitor. At the front end of the content delivery chain, files can be analyzed and verified for such attributes as media container conformance; detailed Quality of Experience (QoE) of video, audio, and content metadata; and captions, loudness, and other regulatory compliance. At the back end, Vision-VOD analyzes VODparameters such as manifest verification, adaptive bitrate (ABR) compliance, download rates, lost segments, and latency that can negatively impact the viewer experience.

“The key to Vision-VOD is our unique deployment of virtual probes that extend monitoring and analysis out to the last mile,” said Korte.“These probes serve as virtual end-users that access and play selected files at various points across global IP networks and markets. By sampling the video in different places, these virtualized probes gather data that informs content owners about file defects and networkperformance issues that could affect viewability, as well as other metrics which impact the audience engagement for that video.”

While a media file may be fine at its origination point, many things can happen to it once it is made available to viewers online or throughOTT services. The typical process of multi-profile transcoding, packaging, and distribution to CDNs and through edge servers out to end-users is prone to many issues. Even if all goes well to that point, consumers could have been precluded from accessing the file due to high network load. There could also have been issues with consistency and reliability of certain CDNs, ISPs, and gateways along the path the packets travel, or instances of rebuffering, stuttering, and other latency that impede a smooth viewing experience. This broad scope of possible issues makes location-specific and time-based monitoring critical in uncovering these situation-based problems.

Vision-VOD probes file access the same way – and in the same place – a user would access the content. The solution’s powerful analytics engines then process that data set into detailed reports that project a clearer picture of the likely user experience for that file at the time of testing.

“Consider a scenario where a program is made available for on-demand viewing, and initial metrics show a certain number of people watched that content,” explained Korte. “That’s great, but what if a thousand more people had tried to view that same content but gave up due to network performance issues they encountered? Vision-VOD gives providers a level of technical insight about their VOD user experience that they wouldn’t otherwise have even with viewer feedback. Then, armed with this actionable information, they can then take proactive steps to protect their revenue streams, preserve customer loyalty, and ensure an optimal viewing experience worthy of their brand.”

Fully automated and highly scalable, Vision-VOD is available as a standalone, on-premise solution or distributed, SaaS-based offering with a choice of pay-as-you-go pricing models for deployment in the cloud, on virtual machines, or hosted by a third party. Vision-VOD also has a powerful API for third-party party integration.

Users of Qligent’s flagship Vision platform—which provides cloud-based, enterprise-level content monitoring and analysis of media delivered via multiple channels including broadcast, cable, and over-the-top (OTT) streaming—can also add Vision-VOD’s file-based quality control (QC) and comprehensive-on demand analysis capabilities to their existing deployment for full “File to Last Mile™” coverage.

ABOUT Qligent

Qligent architects complete monitoring, visualization and delivery analytics solutions for broadcasters, content distributors, ad agencies, regulators and network operators. Based in Melbourne, Florida, Qligent’s software-defined approach provides an open, vendor-agnostic platform to monitor performance, integrity and compliance of multiple signals, streams and systems across enterprises of any size. Its solutions provide the same consistent quality of content and service across multiple delivery platforms simultaneously.

Atlona Appoints Craig Childs as Regional Sales Manager

April 1, 2019

As a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) in Pro AV technology, Childs strives to forge strong relationships that ensure mutual profitability and success for Atlona and its customers

SAN JOSE, California, February 11, 2019 – To strengthen its market share and brand visibility across the TOLA region (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas), AV collaboration and control leader Atlona has appointed Craig Childs as Regional Sales Manager, TOLA, for both residential and commercial markets.

A Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) in professional AV technology, Childs will also manage relationships with regional partners that sell and install Atlona solutions. He will be based in Dallas and report to Bruce Moses, Director of Sales, Western Region.

“I look forward to capitalizing on the success that Atlona has had in the TOLA region by developing new residential and commercial accounts, and providing excellent customer service to established customers,” said Childs, who is based in the Dallas area. “I will leverage my extensive commercial AV sales experience to drive my ambitious sales goals, as well as the strong relationships I have built with corporations, universities, systems integrators, consultants, and others throughout the region. The common denominator is that these organizations all require reliable AV solutions that enhance collaboration and communications.”

Childs brings nearly 25 years of industry experience to this new role, and has held positions of increasing responsibilities with some of the industry’s most recognized brands. As the TOLA sales representative for Middle Atlantic Products, from October 2015 through July 2018, Childs managed all aspects of the territory while increasing sales of their commercial A/V, broadcast, residential, security, data, and distribution products. In addition to consistently meeting and exceeding sales quotas, Childs received the 2017 Legrand North America Circle of Excellence Award for outstanding sales achievement in fiscal year 2017.

While serving as the Regional Sales Manager for Crestron (January 2012 through September 2015), Childs consistently exceeded annual sales goals for automation, control, lighting, and motorized shade products, which are geared to the needs of both residential and commercial markets. Childs also served as Director of Sales for Dana Innovations, the parent company for Sonance, iPort and TRUFIG, for eight years. In addition to managing those three divisions, his responsibilities included the management, direction and training of key partners and inside sales personnel; and the implementation and sales of new products.

Childs points to exceptional company-wide teamwork from the top down as one of the key benefits of working at Atlona. He also sees tremendous opportunity for Atlona to gain a greater foothold in trending applications, such as AV over IP and whole-home AV distribution. In the residential market, he anticipates deeper integration into the smart home environment, including enhanced integration with control and automation technologies.

“One of the factors that makes Atlona so successful is the company’s willingness to listen to their customers, understand the marketplace, and then design and deliver high-value, integrated solutions that truly address their needs,” said Childs.

“With his technical expertise and strong customer relationship management skills, Craig is extremely well-qualified for success in the unique TOLA region,” said Moses. “He has developed many valuable, long-term relationships across his already impressive career, and an understanding of the TOLA region. These are already proving to be tremendous assets to increasing our visibility across these four states.”

About Atlona
Atlona, a Panduit company, is a leading global manufacturer of AV over IP distribution, connectivity, and control solutions. The company designs and engineers innovative, award-winning products for a diverse range of residential and commercial AV and IT markets. Backed by an award-winning 10-year warranty, Atlona’s products are developed to enable our customers’ ability to connect and collaborate with simplicity. More information about Atlona is available at atlona.com.

About Panduit
Global connectivity leader Panduit Corp. creates innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions for applications across the enterprise. Headquartered in Tinley Park, Ill. and operating in 112 worldwide locations, Panduit’s technology leadership and robust ecosystem help support, sustain, and empower business growth in a connected world. panduit.com


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