InReality Provides Holistic Guidance on Safe Space Strategy

June 24, 2021

New InReality White Paper Provides Holistic Guidance on Safe Space Strategy

“The 6 Ps of Safe Space Strategy” is the latest resource in InReality’s Learning Center to help resellers and their clients navigate the Safe Space landscape.

Atlanta, GA, October 29, 2020 – InReality, LLC, a leading venue analytics software solution company, has launched a white paper to support strategic planning when creating a Safe Space ecosystem of prevention. “The 6 Ps of Safe Space Strategy” takes a holistic view and includes guidance on factors relating to people, process, place, pixels, proof and profit.

Adding To a Robust Safe Space Resource

The white paper is the latest resource in InReality’s recently launched Learning Center. The online article repository fills a knowledge gap and shares learnings that help businesses make informed decisions in a rapidly changing environment. Based on first-hand observations and industry conversations, the Learning Center was created to help educate resellers and limit their risks so that they may do the same for their clients.

“We created this white paper to help businesses create an ecosystem of prevention,” says Laura Davis-Taylor, InReality’s Chief Strategy Officer. “This starts with thinking about how to protect people and businesses, both physically and fiscally. There is a lot of gray area between what a business should do and what they are mandated to do. It’s crucial to take a wide-angle view in order to identify and shore up any areas of potential risk.”

What Are the 6 Ps of Safe Space Strategy?

Taking a holistic view of Safe Space strategy means considering the following factors:

●       People — Customers and employees alike must feel safe within a business.

●       Process — Businesses must account for government mandates along with internal HR and legal policies.

●       Place / Physical — Consider customer experience, comfort level and communication when implementing physical Safe Space procedures.

●       Pixels — New and emerging technology tools can help automate Safe Space processes and manage data.

●       Proof — Public perception and proof of corporate compliance are equally important.

●       Profit — Automating Safe Space processes, tracking the cost of lost business and avoiding lawsuits tie directly into a business’s bottom line.

A Joint Industry Effort

“This white paper and the Learning Center itself is a labor of love,” says Davis-Taylor. “The industry is a very tight knit community and the only way we will solve these new issues is by sharing knowledge. It’s our job to enable the industry by sharing what we’re seeing and learning, and hopefully give others a springboard for their strategic planning.”

InReality has been in the trenches of this new territory with key ecosystem partners, many of whom share their thoughts within the white paper. Industry partners in this pursuit for insight include Legrand | AV, BrightSign and Elo. The industry is encouraged to link to the Learning Center and sign up for updates. Reach out to Laura Davis-Taylor at to suggest topics for consideration as Learning Center content is updated regularly.

Access the white paper at, and visit InReality’s Learning Center at

About InReality

InReality is a venue analytics platform that transforms any tracking, measurement and influencing technology into the metrics that matter most. They do it by harnessing data from IoT sensors and other measurement and influencing technologies into one simple platform that produces only the most critical KPIs, then enabling predictive or personalized responses. With it, venues can both prove and improve their ‘phygital’ touch points across multiple locations at scale, but without the complexity or limitations of multiple sensors and disparate dashboards. Owners and retailers make their spaces safer and more meaningful for their patrons, and brand advertisers finally get the analytic ammunition they need to optimize their strategies and defend their marketing spend. To learn more or discuss how InReality’s platform can optimize your Safe Space Solutions, go to or email us at

Atlona Launches New AV Training Certifications for Educational Technologists and Designers

June 24, 2021

New learning pathways combine AV and networking fundamentals with uniquely developed content specific to use cases ineducational environments

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 28, 2020 – As the convergence of AV and IT technologies continues to sweep across higher education and K-12 facilities worldwide, Atlona – a Panduit company – is introducing two new training pathways to strengthen AV understanding for instructional technologists and systems designers within educational institutions. The AV Education Technician certification sets learners up for success when installing modern AV solutions in educational environments, while the AV Education Designer certification delivers similar benefits for those tasked with planning and designing AV systems for educational applications.

“Today’s educational institutions frequently handle their own AV planning, design, and deployment, and require training resources that align with their distinct needs,” said Roger Takacs, Strategic Account Manager at Atlona, who is spearheading the company’s initiatives in the education vertical market. “Our new training certifications for educational technologists and designers combine the relevant core components of our existing, proven courseware with new content specifically developed around the needs of universities, colleges, and K-12 schools.”

The new offerings come as AV over IP solutions blur the lines between AV and IT responsibilities, requiring previouslydistinct staff to expand their skills and knowledge base. “With technology expanding to include both circuit-based solutions and AV over IP systems, there’s much more to know and learn about,” said Ken Eagle, Senior Director of Global Training, Atlona. “IT staff are trying learn more about AV, and vice versa. Our new learning paths provide the foundational understanding they need, then delve deeper into specific solutions and architectures for many educational use cases.”

The AV Education Technician certification combines Atlona’s 100-level Foundational AV, 200-level Circuit-Based Solutions, and 400-level Networking for AV courses. The AV Education Technician certification includes the same material, plus six additional Designing for Education sessions on topics including Classroom as a Studio, Velocity Control Solutions, Touchless Meeting Spaces, Collaboration Solutions, Flipped Classrooms, and Divisible Teaching Spaces. Participants in either program also earn AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Renewal Unit (RU) credits upon successful completion of the courses.

The new education-focused certifications are available immediately through the Atlona Training Portal(, which continues to see surging demand for its high-quality AV technology training. “Professionals working from home are taking advantage of their extra time to engage in training programs to further educate themselves and upgrade their skills,” said Eagle. “Daily activity in the portal has more than tripled in recent months. Offering optimal training resources is part of our commitment to supporting our customers through long-term relationships, and we will continue to add new pathways as our product portfolio grows.”

About Atlona

Atlona, a Panduit company, is a leading global manufacturer of AV over IP distribution, connectivity, and control solutions. The company designs and engineers innovative, award-winning products for a diverse range of residential and commercial AV and IT markets. Backed by an award-winning 10-year warranty, Atlona’s products are developed to enable our customers’ ability to connect and collaborate with simplicity. More information about Atlona is available at

About Panduit

Global connectivity leader Panduit Corp. creates innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions for applications across the enterprise. Headquartered in Tinley Park, Ill. and operating in 112 worldwide locations, Panduit’s technology leadership and robust ecosystem help support, sustain, and empower business growth in a connected world.

MultiDyne Appoints Elevate Broadcast as Master Distributor for Southeast Asia

June 24, 2021

Hauppauge, NY, October 21, 2020MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems continues to expand its global footprint with the appointment of Elevate Broadcast as its master distributor for Southeast Asia, effective immediately. Elevate Broadcast will leverage its extensive business relationships to grow MultiDyne’s dealer network across 13 countries, strengthening MultiDyne’s market share, visibility and brand awareness.

Based in Singapore, Elevate Broadcast brings a consultative approach and strong engineering background that differs from competitive distribution firms. According to Elevate Broadcast CEO Dennis Breckenridge, the company’s service and support-oriented philosophy has led to long-lasting partnerships with dealers. That philosophy has established a track record of empowering dealers with knowledge that converts end user prospects into buying customers.

“We believe in the power of a robust dealer network, and working closely with companies that support the end customer day in and day out,” said Breckenridge. “This approach is critical in Southeast Asia and the greater Asia-Pacific region, where relying strictly on direct sales is a challenge given the geographical spread and unique business cultures. Our collective broadcast and production experience, long-term relationships, and understanding of regional industry trends will introduce MultiDyne to a much broader customer base throughout Southeast Asia.”

Breckenridge is impressed with MultiDyne’s recent growth, fueled by new product innovations and a strategic acquisition that take the company deeper into the broadcast infrastructure. He also sees an opportunity to bring MultiDyne into more Telco and ProAV projects, noting OTT services and houses of worship as particularly compelling.

“MultiDyne has and continues to be an innovator in fiber transport, and is especially strong with technically challenging applications such as cameraback fiber transport and multiplexing,” said Breckenridge. “They have more recently made aggressive moves into audio and signal monitoring, compression and IP streaming, all of which open MultiDyne to new and exciting business opportunities.”

In addition to Singapore, Elevate Broadcast will serve as MultiDyne’s master distributor in Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. Elevate Broadcast’s central location ensures quick service and support for dealers in all 13 countries, as well as the ability to ship products on short notice.

Breckenridge adds that the company’s Elevate Learn subdivision, which offers online training and education initiatives, will accelerate the learning curve for dealers as they grow familiar with MultiDyne’s product line and value proposition.

“The Elevate Broadcast team as led by Dennis Breckenridge has an unparalleled reputation in the Southeast Asia dealer community, representing many of the broadcast and AV industry’s most recognized brands,” said Frank Jachetta, CEO, MultiDyne. “We are thrilled to partner with Elevate Broadcast as we work to bring our message of value and innovation to more customers throughout this important business region.”

About MultiDyne

With over 40 years of experience serving the Broadcasters and video production communities worldwide, MultiDyne Fiber Optic Systems leads the industry in developing pioneering signal conversion and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, pro A/V, corporate, retail, surveillance, teleconferencing, judicial arraignment, transportation, government, military, and healthcare markets.

ENCO enCaption4 Enables Cost Savings and New Automated Captioning Workflows for Civic Center Television in San José

June 24, 2021

AI-powered solution addresses budget challenges for government access television broadcaster, while integration with Cablecast automation and playout system brings operational benefits

Novi, MI, October 20, 2020 – As part of the City Manager’s Office at the City of San José, California, Civic Center Television records and broadcasts city council, committee and select meetings to fulfill the city’s open government and transparency commitments. With the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic leading to projected budget shortfalls, the department turned to ENCO’s AI-enabled enCaption4 automated closed captioning system to continue providing hard-of-hearing viewers with high-quality captions while reducing their operational costs.

The City of San José has long considered captioning to be extremely important to its accessibility mandates. “Early on, the city committed to closed captioning all of its televised content, not just because of FCC and ADA requirements, but also because it’s the right thing to do,” said Craig Jutson, Broadcast Engineering and Operations Manager, City Manager’s Office at the City of San José. “Of course, we extended that to our web content as well once we started streaming.”

For years, the municipal government had contracted with service providers that used human captioners to transcribe content. As the city began looking for operational savings across all of its departments this Spring, Jutson saw an alternative way to fund the closed captioning.

“As a PEG access channel, we have a capital fund that’s derived from the franchise and PEG fees the cable provider pays back to municipality,” Jutson explained. “We can’t use that for operational expenses such as paying human captioners, so I proposed that we save the money we were spending on those contracts and purchase an automated system.”

When Jutson first looked at AI-powered captioning several years ago, such systems were not yet sufficiently reliable and accurate for his needs. However, he found significant improvements when he evaluated the technology again this year, and enCaption4 stood out amongst the solutions he researched. “To me, enCaption4 was clearly superior to the others I looked at,” he said. “The form factor, the processing quality, the interface – everything seemed better to me. ENCO also partnered with Tightrope Media Systems, developers of the Cablecast automation and playout system we use, to make enCaption4 available to PEG stations as a special package.”

The city purchased a pair of enCaption4 units to support two live productions simultaneously and provide backup redundancy. The option to buy the units as a capital expense aligned perfectly with the city’s budget objectives, but the financial benefits didn’t stop there. “Even bundling a five-year support contract into the initial purchase, we calculated that the two enCaption units would pay for themselves in less than two years compared to what we were paying for human captioners,” said Jutson. “And after the two-year mark, we will be savingsignificant money.”

Jutson adds the names of council members, neighborhoods and other unique local elements into enCaption4’s dictionary to assist itscaptioning of hard-to-spell pronunciations, and has seen the systems learn and continue to improve since he started using them in mid-July. He also highlighted advantages that the automated systems offer over their human counterparts.

“We’ve had council meetings go as long as 13 hours recently,” Jutson explained. “When I watch them with closed captions, I see some really high-quality strings of perceptive and accurate captioning by the ENCO units that I didn’t used to get from human captioners after they’d been on the job for three to nine hours straight. Similarly, when one person is doing a long monologue, enCaption4 has been faster with fewer errors than human captioners sometimes are. enCaption4 doesn’t get tired and it’s very perceptive, so I believe it has done a really good job.”

In addition to captioning live meetings, Civic Center Television also uses enCaption4 to add captions to offline content from other city departments. enCaption4 generates standalone, ‘sidecar’ caption files from on-demand video clips that are copied into a watch folder. Jutson then takes advantage of Tightrope’s recent support for MCC and SCC caption files to bring the results into the city’s Cablecast video server and associate them with corresponding media for playout.

“The combination of enCaption and this recent Cablecast feature enables a new workflow that we use to add closed captions to almost everything on our play-to-air server,” said Jutson. “From live meetings to on-demand content, it’s easy for me to caption it. That’s a definite positive for us and for the public that’s watching our station.”

About ENCO

Founded in 1983, ENCO pioneered the use of computer-based, digital audio and program automation for radio stations and TV studios. The company has since evolved its award-winning product line to span all aspects of today’s automated broadcast and production workflows, including closed and open captioning, visual radio, audio compliance, instant media playout, remote contribution, and cloud-based web streaming. It also brings the benefits of its patented captioning and live audio/video playout innovations to professional AV environments including conference rooms, lecture halls, sporting arenas and event venues. For more information, please visit:

Visix Releases AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.38 with New HTML5 Viewer and Template Designer

June 24, 2021

ATLANTA, GA – October 20, 2020 – Visix, Inc. has released version 1.38 of its AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage software. This latest update includes a new template designer in the browser-based CMS, as well as an HTML5 message playlist viewer that’s designed to help communicators better reach remote employees, students and staff.

“A lot of folks are working or studying from home right now. But organizations still need to communicate with them,” says Sean Matthews, president and CEO of Visix. “Our new playlist viewer is just the first step in our plan to address remote communications. Instead of our clients having to recreate communications across different platforms like digital signs, websites and email, we’re giving them a way to design it once and share it anywhere with a simple URL.”

The new HTML5 viewer lets clients publish their digital signage playlists to a unique URL. The link can be shared directly for fullscreen playback in popular browsers, or the viewer can be embedded into websites and intranets using a simple iframe. Clients can assign more than one playlist to a feed, and can choose playback options and transitions. Because the feed is published using HTML5 markup, the playlist messages and videos scale accurately for any screen size.

The AxisTV Signage Suite CMS already offers over 900 fill-in-the-blank templates for quick messaging. The new Pick & Fill Template design hub lets clients create their own fillable templates in the CMS without having to work in the desktop designer. System users can then choose, fill and schedule templated messages in the browser-based CMS.

To see the full release notes and request the update go to For more information about AxisTV Signage Suite, visit

About Visix

Visix, Inc. offers a robust suite of digital signage software, content designs and meeting room signs for any organization wanting to engage, excite, and inform their audiences. Our products work separately or together, are competitively priced and scalable, and have powerful interactivity and data integration features for a unified, enterprise signage solution. Our award-winning service and support teams consistently rank the highest in customer satisfaction for fast, professional responses and solutions. Learn more about Visix digital signage products and services at

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